VetPath Services Pathology Consultation

Web based pathology consultations when you need expert advice qucikly

Pathology consultations for veterinarians:  Quick, affordable, and accurate
  • Evaluate photos of gross lesions, skin tumors

  • Evaluate photos of cytology slides

  • Clarification of pathology reports

  • Get advice about your differential diagnoses and diagnostic testing

  • Specialty consultations for 

    • ​Musculoskeletal

    • dental

    • Sinonasal diseases

    • Skin diseases

    • Necropsy findings

  1. Down load the submission and billing form

  2. Fill out the form email to

  3. Send blood work, x-rays, and photos

  4. Receive a written report evaluating your case, with suggestions for additional tests.

    • Results emailed within 12-24 hours. 

  5. Get an invoice monthly. Pay by check or credit card​

Written consultation:  $30/patient per request

Disclaimer: Online pathology consultation is not intended to replace an existing pathology report or to replace biopsy and cytology submission. We cannot advise on treatment of the patient.  


For biopsy submissions and cytology submissions visit our website at 

Microscope cameras

Affordable options for quick images you can take on the microscope in your practice. 

This model goes into the eyepiece. I have one myself, and can verify it has a decent quality photos that can be shared easily, and has the ability to make videos. 

For submission of slides, fluids, or biopsies see our website
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About Us

James Walberg DVM DACVP

Founder & Head Pathologist

Dr. Walberg is a board certified anatomical pathologist with extensive experience in cytology. He has in excess of 25 years of experience with commercial veterinary laboratories.

Brian G Caserto DVM DACVP

Veterinary Pathologist

Dr. Caserto is board-certified in anatomic pathology, and has extensive experience in musculoskeletal, oral/dental, and sinonasal diseases of small and large animals.