Diagnostic Support Partnerships

VetPath Services beleives that strong partnerships lead to innovative and new ways to diagnose and treat veterinary diseases. For that reason we are building a network of partners that contribute innovative methods towards the goal of diagnosing diseases such as cancer and providing advice for our clients. As we continue to add to our network of partners we hope to provide comprehensive diagnostic services for all of our clients.  In addition to our referral immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, PCR panels, we are partnering with organizations that will provide cutting edge diagnostics and consultation services in the fields of veterinary cancer, and neurology. 

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The next revolution in personalized veterinary medicine

Using state of the art technology, Innogenics can gather data that can help customize treatment for your patients and tailor your treatments for canine cancer therapy.

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New ways of thinking abour cancer

The Veterinary Cancer Center is a leader in cancer treatment that works closely with Innogenics and VetPath Services to help discover new diagnostic and prognostic testing for patients and bring new personalized medicine to the veterinary market

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