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Brian G Caserto DVM, DIPL. ACVP


Dr. Caserto is board-certified in anatomic pathology, and has extensive experience in musculoskeletal, oral/dental, and sinonasal diseases of small and large animals. A New York State native, Dr. Caserto completed a DVM from Cornell University in 2007, and became board certified in Anatomic Pathology in 2010 after completing a residency at Kansas State University.  Dr. Caserto spent 4 years as a lecturer in anatomic pathology at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, in the Department of Biomedical Sciences.  Dr. Caserto’s interests have led to investigations into diagnostic methods of metabolic bone diseases, canine rhabdomyosarcomas, and equine racing injuries. He led the diagnostic investigations in NYS racing injuries for NYRA, and was a member of the Equine Safety Review Board for two years. Dr Caserto spent time in Brisbane, Australia reading cytology and histopathology cases for IDEXX and joined VetPath Services in 2015.

Dr Caserto has collaborated with multiple specialists around New York State in investigations focusing on correlating MRI findings to histological lesions of canine and equine joints and tendons. 


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